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Parents Helping Kids with Homework


Helping kids with home assignments appears to be dogmatic in the US educational system. Thus, many working parents face some troubles, but are still active in their kids' lives.

43% of parents help their kids with homework. 53% of them do it every day. Dads turn out to be more active in their children's school lives: 47% of them help kids to tackle homework while only 39% of moms are eager to help.

The most popular subjects parents help their kids with are English and maths.

Younger parents care less about their kids' homework, while elder ones pay more attention to the children's studies: 33% of parents aged 18-24 help kids with home assignments and 45% of parents aged 25-44 do the same.

5 out of 10 parents claim they experience troubles while helping their kids with homework. One in five parents say about their surprise when seeing the level of difficulty of home assignments their kids were to complete. 7 out of 10 said that if they knew math and English better, they would be more eager to help their kids with studies. 9 out of 10 were sure that their participation in the kids' studies made the kid's school performance better.

2% of parents admit the they've never helped their children with studies. There are three main categories of reasons: 45.5% did not understand the material, 31.6% said that this was for their children to reject homework help, and 21% were too busy.

When there are two active-instudies parents in the family, a kid is 52% more happier at school that the one without. On average, students with two acrtive-in-studies parents get A's 51% more than the ones with two passive parents.

There are 5 easy solutions for the question "How to help a child with homework?"

1) Set the regular homework-time.

2) Choose the right place for homework.

3) Get rid of all the possible distractions.

4) Prepare material and show the resources.

5) Be the vivid example: interested and interesting.

1 out of 6 families does all the homework for its child

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