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All you need to make your studies easier


Everyone knows that studying is a hard process, especially when you are at high school, even more when you have to make a choice what college to study ar, even more when you have to give a good impression to the Admission Board showing them a great performance. But there are ways how to make all this easier. And Homework-desk.com will show you how!


The target audience of iHomework is students willing to be more organized. This app allows them to keep a track of all the lesson plans, grades, courses, "to-do" plans. The whole info can be reached within a second. A pleasant bonus is Questria that is provided for students who install the app. It is a source for various researches. You can also synchronize this app on all your iDevices.

Dictionary and Thesaurus from Dictionary.com

I guess that it is a common situation when you are to hand in an essay for tomorrow, but absolutely lost what topic to choose. The dictionaty app will help you to find anything a descent research needs. Have medical or scientific topic? It's not a problem at all- the app is aquainted with all the terms from the both fields. Moreover, the Dictionary app is polyglot: it knows 30 languages!


Evrything is organized now and you already know the topic of your future writing. What can be better? The right answer is – proper research matter. The fullest version of all the efficient research materials is, I guess you know, Wikipedia. And Wikipanion lets you conveniently work with Wiki on your device. You can bookmark any article you've found and look through your search history at any moment. From now on, you don't have to copy-paste all these links. Quite irritating, isn't it? Table of contents won't let you get lost, and the ability to synchronize will keep all your devices in order.


There are people who perceive information better through images, so-called visual learners. If you are a person like this, you have to install Cooliris. With its help, you can find the visual image of any object be it abstract or not. It has convenient interface in the form of 3D stream of photos.


Any studying process can't go without notes taking. And it turnes out that there is a way to make this process even more handy. Intrigued? It is another application – Evernote. It was developed specifically for this purpose. You can take your notes here in two different ways. The first one is classical: you just type the text of your note. And the second is in the form of photos. You can include visual material by making snapshots. To protect your notes from strangers' eyes, you can choose a pass. Furthermore, you can syncronize this app with your iDevices, as well.


You took all the necessary notes. The next stage is to perform well at class. The creative way to prepare for this is to use flashcards. The app provides you with the ready-made groups of cards. However, you can customize the categories depending on your own needs. Flashcards+ knows 22 languages and saves your time, as now you don't have to do the flashcards on your own.

My Grades&Homework

All these apps have made you the best student in the class. Great results, aren't they? Why not to check them out later when looking for the inspiration? That's why we want you to save these results, and the app presented will help you with this. It allows you even to mention what grade is for what assignment and for what course. You can back-up all the info.

From now on, your studies should become more fruitful and interesting!

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