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Top 7 Apps That Can Help With Teaching Kids to Read


Reading is a habit that should start at quite a young age. A kid needs to be introduced to the culture of reading early enough so that they grow up knowing that it's something good. Reading is the only way which kids can use to grow their minds. Thanks to technology, kids can now embrace the culture of reading through these great application. As parents, you can download and install these applications for your kid to use or better yet used online for your kids gain. The fact that we all know that kids are addicted to these gadgets has made it easier for them to learn the skill. By helping your kid learn how to read through these devices, what you are actually doing is turning an addiction into a productive activity. Homework-desk.com has found some of the top apps that can be used to help kids read:

  1. Reading Raven
  2. The app is available for use for the iOS devices. The best thing about the app apart from teaching your kid how to read is that it can be customized to match the age and the ability of your kid. Kids starting from the age of 3 years can use this app. A 5 year child can use the app to record their voice while decoding a three letter word. After that, they can go ahead to trace the letters in the decoded word. What this does is that it will reinforces letter formation.
  3. Montessori Crosswords
  4. You can use this app to teach your kids the sounds of the different letters which is considered to be far much better than learning their names. In addition to this, the app is also designed with the ability to add cognitive component of mini-crosswords puzzles and the different blends of consonants. The app can be customized for use and with the special section for parents, you can never go wrong with this reading software.
  5. ABC PocketPhonics
  6. The app is available on iTunes for download and can teach your kid to develop the skill of pronouncing the different letter sounds, writing and practicing the first words. Research has revealed that kids who use this app have a better chance of acquiring these skills fast as compared to kids in a classroom lesson. The app has even been endorsed by teachers and parents because of its efficiency.
  7. Play & Sing
  8. A much more interactive early childhood learning tool that encourages kids to read, helps them with colors, letters, animals and teaches them about the different shapes. What the app does is that it will help your kid to trace the aforementioned items and challenge them to pick out what is next in the sequence.
  9. Booksy
  10. This free app can help children starting from kindergarten to the second grade with all the essentials they need when it comes to learning how to read. The developers of the app designed it in such a way that kids can use the platform to develop, practice and polish their reading skills. Once installed, students can use the tool to build their comprehension by downloading books which can help them with that.
  11. My World Wall
  12. This educational app is designed for budding readers and it can help your kid to develop an early reading culture. With the app, kids can visualize, hear, write and vocally repeat the words and the letters they want to learn. Besides that, students can engage in educational activities courtesy of the app that are designed to help enhance the learning process.
  13. SUPER WHY!
  14. Your kids will fall in love with this app if in case they are avid fans of the SUPER WHY! The app features characters from the TV show which is something the app designers wanted to capitalize on. To enhance the learning process, kids can select from a wide variety of activities that are all designed to develop an individual's reading, writing and their vocabulary skills. Whichever app you pick, rest assured that it will give you the results that you desire for your kid. They have all been tested and reviewed by different users making them super reliable.
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